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Cali Bird is author of the romantic comedy novel Tales of the Countess. The book grew out of her own experiences of being the archetypal city-living, single career girl. Cali found love eventually and married at the tender age of 46. She is currently taking a sabbatical from her day-job as a software developer to write a sequel. She also blogs about creativity at Cali has practised Buddhism for over 30 years and is a self-confessed tree hugger.



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Book Description – Long

What if your handbag could talk? What if it could help you sort out your love life?

Kennington, London, 1998

The Countess of Kennington awakes one morning after a heavy night and realises it all has to stop.

She has to stop drinking her problems away. She has to stop acting irresponsibly. And she has to stop obsessing over the MSL: the Man She Loves.

But things are often easier said than done, and when she discovers the MSL is attending a conference where she is presenting, she cannot hold back her burgeoning hopes.

In a Sex In the City meets Toy Story scenario, the Countess lives in an unusual household where her chief confidantes, known as the accessories, are a collection of beloved handbags, a beautiful sheepskin coat and her teddy bear who provide her with support and advice.

As the conference gets underway, the Countess tries hard to focus on work, but encouraged by the accessories, she cannot resist the draw of the MSL.

The bags might talk but this is no kids book…


Book Description – Short

Tales of the Countess is a romantic comedy about being happy in yourself and then you get your man. However, it features handbags that talk – think Sex in the City meets Toy Story.


Book Blogger Reviews

“Hilarious, heart-warming, charming and just a little bit kooky, Tales of the Countess is the ultimate romantic escape that will have you looking at your handbag in a whole new light.” Bookish Jottings

“Original (with knobs on), kooky (understatement), heartfelt and laden with humour…” Tangents and Tissues

“The author has a superb writing style which has kept me completely engaged and hooked by this book.” Little Miss Book Lover

“It is the epitome of quirky and unorthodox, and takes romcom to a whole other level. I loved it.” Reading Girl Reviews

“…one of the stories that can make you laugh days after you have finished the book.” Sharon Beyond The Books

“I can guarantee it will be nothing like any other romance book you have read.” By The Letter Reviews

“..basically defies definition but I can definitely say it is magical. It walked me through my childhood, my teenage years and my love life. I was so happy to read every little detail. Because of quirky, captivating stories like this, I believe in the world of books and the spirit of imagination.” Chicklit Club


Amazon Reader Reviews

“I loved this book it is quirky funny different but with a good romantic story line. I usually only read a few pages at night but finished this book in a week it’s definitely a page turner. Can’t wait for the next one or even the movie”

“I absolutely loved Tales of the Countess. I couldn’t put it down & might even have got a tad emotional towards the end. It’s different, quirky, excellently written & perfect for the times we’re in.”


Interview Topics

  • Long term creative projects – it took twenty years of on/off work and a lot of learning to get my novel, Tales of the Countess, from a short story to a published novel that got great reviews. I can talk about how to beat fear and resistance, why it’s important to make a lot of crap art and how to persist through to the end.
  • Being long-term single and accepting childlessness. I was single until I was almost forty and didn’t get married until I was 46. One way I coped with the pain of a ticking biological clock was through my creativity.
  • Encouraging creativity in others. I blog about creativity at and encourage others to find a way to scratch their creative itch alongside their other responsibilities. It’s not about being published or having your music on the radio (though that’s nice), it’s about the sheer joy of creating for its own sake.
  • Combining a creative and business life, and finding creativity within my previous day job as a software consultant.
  • Faith in daily life. I have practised Nichiren Buddhism since 1988. This philosophy is very much rooted in making the most of, and creating value with your everyday existence. Over time, your biggest life obstacles can become your greatest treasure. It’s not about escaping to the top of a mountain to find nirvana.


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Phone (from UK): 07771 644869

Phone (from US): 011 44 7771 644869

Phone (from other international location): +44 7771 644869

Skype: cali.bird






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